The Soprano : Michael Gandolfini reprises the role of his father in the movie prequel !

Michael Gandolfini will resume the role in worship of his father James in “The Many Saints of Newark”, the film prequel of “Soprano” is soon to shoot. Zuma Press / Bestimage One remains in the family ! The website Deadline reports that Michael Gandolfini will take over the iconic role of his father in The Many Saints of Newark, the film prequel to the Soprano. The young actor of 19 years will play the character of Tony Soprano, played for six seasons on the small screen by James Gandolfini. The filming of the Many Saints of Newark will commence shortly under the direction of Alan Taylor, on behalf of the studios New Line. The sopranos : David Chase reveals how Tony will be integrated with the prequel to The Many Saints of Newark Michael Gandolfini, whose resemblance to his father, who died in 2013, is striking, has recently been shown in the series the Deuce. In The Many Saints of Newark, he will give such a reply to Alessandro Nivola, Vera Farmiga and Jon Bernthal. The action of the film takes place in the 60’s, at the time of the riots of Newark between Afro-Americans and Italians. The story will be centered on the character of Dickie Moltisanti (Nivola), a mentor of the young Tony Soprano. The Soprano : by the way… how it ends ? See the slideshow Slideshow The Soprano : by the way… how it ends ? 6 photos

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