What if ? : a new animated series Marvel in preparation that explores alternative histories of the MCU

Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios would consider adapting the famous collection What If ? the animated series, thus echoing the most emblematic elements of the Marvel Cinematic Universe twist├ęs alternative proposals. And if ?.. Marvel The used shelves of comics shops will be familiar ground. Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios have expressed the wish to adapt into an animation of the famous collection ” What If “. Appeared for the first time in 1977, these special episodes imagined alternate realities based on the concept ” fun ” And if ?.. “. The first issue presented as to the hypothesis : And if Spider-man joined The Fantastic Four ? Or, if the Avengers had never been ? Or what if Gwen Stacy had not died ? Later, the collection is more focused on purposes and consequences of alternative events annual (Spider-man House of Man, age of Ultron, Infinity…).

It is not a question of revisiting the world of comics in this new project, but rather to exploit the Marvel Cinematic Universe. A smart decision and relevant that does not risk losing viewers not very familiar with the paper versions. In effect, what is the interest to propose a uchronie around Gwen Stacy when this last is never dead in the MCU ? Thus, one of the episodes will explore the following idea : what if Loki had found the hammer of Thor ? Or so : and if the X-Men had died on their first mission ? And unfold the consequences of this new assumption.

This series anthological might as well use characters from the MCU, without having to manage the logistics too cumbersome and deal with a narrative line already busy as the movies pile up.

What If ? would be dedicated to the streaming platform, home Disney +. Check out the Fanzone about the next Spider-man, Far From Home : Fanzone Emissions d'Actu

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